Seeking a friend for the end of the world

Sometimes you need a friend.

No kidding.

You do.

You think you are all tough

and shit diamonds,

so you don’t need one.

But you do.

Trust me.

You need a friend to just say — It’s okay

Or to point out — It’s SO not okay.

To seek your advice

just to make you feel special.

Or to just listen,

when you have a world of rants

to ramble about.

You need a friend.

For there are days…

Days you would want

to scream from the top of your lungs

and then curl up in fear


that even if you did — will anyone listen?

And then there are days,

when you feel you are surrounded

by so many people

it gets hard for you to breathe.

Yet, you seek that one missing face.

For you need that wink

within the crowd

to tell you that you are doing just fine.

And that in the end — everything will be all right.

Usually such friends are a work of fiction.

Hobbes to a Calvin.

But every now and then,

life throws a fairy tale your way,

and you just get that damn lucky.

And in an even rarer case —

you manage not to fuck up the gift given to you.

Sarah Hina,

Ever so miraculously,

I’ve managed not to fuck up for yet another year.

Happy Birthday, friend.

When you start to get tired of me,

Just give me a ten year heads-up,

to clean up my act.

We’ve never met.


But I’m not big enough a fool,

to not realise how stupidly lucky I am,

to have access

to your wisdom (38 yrs worth :),

your teachings,

your cheerleading skills,

your questionable faith in me,

and may be someday -

access to your pancakes.

Till then,

you keep being the awesome you,

and my world would spin just fine.

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